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Gone ~

Today has been a good day and night! had lots of fun with people who i never met for a long time and really glad that it doesnt and will never feel awkward about being together no matter how long we have never met each other!

sometimes, you would always feel the most comfortable with the people you grew up with / the people you spent most time tgt with during your growing years.

no grudge, no misunderstanding nor conflict with anyone in the whole clique of friends..isnt that wonderful? 

these are the friends i would die tgt with them with no regrets in a war. lol! kua zhang uh..but you get my point :D

sometimes i wonder..so what if you know me longer than anyone else? its not about the amount of time you spent with that person but more importantly on whether both personalities match up..dont you agree?

sometimes, you take forever to get along with someone but just a few days to get along with someone else...its all about your interests, personalities and your family background perhaps..tbh, im still trying hard to get along with some people i have known for a long time..its all about trying and committment that kept the friendship going.

ahhh..shouldnt get any deeper beforei cause any misunderstandings..lol..its 3.30am and im talk crap uh. shall stop here.

but anyway, i just afraid that NS would ruin my friendships with friends out there. would always be having this mindset after a great day out with friends..just hope that this wouldnt happen because i know its a fact...from what i have been seeing thats happening around me.

have no idea why do i have the urge to listen to this song the moment i switched on my lappy. enjoy!


so what's the situation now?

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things are getting better at work!

writing on the train back home now! why? somehow I enjoyed work today. lmao..

been receiving lots of different tasks. yeah I know admin work's boring..but I believe my 'supervisors' do give a damn about whether am I bored at work or not. they would have always give me different stuff to complete at different intervals in a day..and that really makes me feel so much better than the first two weeks at work when I have been doing the same thing over and over again everyday, 8 hours per day for 2 weeks!

and one of them asked me when would I be leaving, I said end of august (actually I can leave or stay longer if I want because I didn't sign any contract with them) ..and that really didn't stop them from teaching me new stuff. lovin' it. really.

today's Monday and today's also one of the best day at work I guess. not too much nor little of this and that. just nice. but who knows what would happen tomorrow? HAHA! hoping for the best of course :D

I might be feeling like this because of the long weekend I had last week 'thanks' to my flu and cough!

but anyway, just wanna share with you guys how much I enjoyed working today. haha..

and I'm really looking forward to sept. I don't mind falling sick anytime now, but not sept please! so please come now and go by the end of august k! haha..lame.

that's all I have to say! will be back soon! :)

and I seriously love to take up different challenges ! keep them coming! :DDDDD

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mambo jambo!

im still searching for this album since last week! gonna head down to hmv sometime this week..hopefully they will have it!

i just wanna rant..

warning! its gonna be full of rants! so dont read if u're having a bad day. haha!

its only end of day 2! for these two days, i have been damn tired at the end of the work. the only thing i wanna do is to get home asap and have a good bath.

what have i been doing these 2 days? working on the same spreadsheet on microsoft excel..something that im not really familiar with and im glad that its really easy to use. while doing...i kept asking myself...what am i learning when doing this? what am i learning? what am i doing? what is the least thing i can gain from it? and i have been trying very hard to find answers to these qns..and im still trying to find. hope that i would get my answer by the end of this week.

basically my job for these two days is to check on for the attention person according to the company. and that's around 800 companies..excluding sorting them from the 2k plus companies..idk how to use microsoft excel and so the only thing i could do was to look thru the list of 2k plus companies and extract those that i want and check for their attention person using 3 softwares. sounds easy right? but doing it over and over again for 800 plus times, and some records dont even have the attention person...really can make you feel like dying.
its always at the 4pm timeslot that i feel like dying on these two days..like as if its the max i can go already..almost wanted to lie my head on the table just now but i tried hard to hold it up. lmao..
and before working ah, i tot i can go jogging when i end work at night..but when night comes, i just dont feel like doing anything. and when it comes to sleeping, i cant really sleep but there's still so much energy in me..physically. it just sucks when your mind is so tired and your body is still so energetic. screw my diet man! im gonna get fatter sooner or later if this continues..
and its so hard to interact with everyone in the office when its so damn dead! i hear nothing that can be tuned! not even a monophonic ringtone from anyone. lololololol..all i hear is conversations on the phone and among ppl themselves..and when lunch comes, all leave individually! so sad that no one asked me to join them :( haha..but luckily i had my aunt and a friend for lunch. or else really gg..
lmao..talking about my aunt, she brought me to gramophone over at OUB centre during lunch time and adele's 'Rumor Has It' was playing and for that very moment, i felt like i was in heaven. like finally! music! i hear something that has rhythm and beat! i think i might consider working part-time in a music store next time..exposure to more music around the world and you can even choose what to play in the store. its like heaven and hell man..haha.

and lunch time is pretty much bad! raffles place! everything's so damn ex! it feels like im working 1.5 hours everyday for my lunch and transport. 1 hour only! queues and crowd everywhere! cant even rest my mind properly! haha..what nonsense am i talking right..you will never know luh. haiz..
i really have to stay more positive about all these man. i should be grateful that im working in an office with aircon and not under the sun, in one of the tallest buildings in Singapore, with such an easy job (but boring leh T.T ) ..
to be honest, i feel like quitting everytime when i end work. LOL..but i know i will get used to it..i will..I MUST.
if they were to assign their employees on whichever level they are gonna work at according to their status, then i think im supposed to be working at the B3 carpark lot. lol..i think its really a honor to work in the same building with people of different statuses..the better ones im saying...always give me the WOW factor. in any way that i can, i want to learn how to be someone like them...and it begins from the B3 carpark lot...haha..
k enough of my crap! i have booked my Vietnam trip but not my Bangkok trip. its really a bliss to be able to travel so much..especially with different groups of close friends. 
things have been going well too!  though the storm was quite bad two or three weeks ago and its finally over. haha..

who's going to James Blunt's concert....too? will be back soon :)

There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you. 

first job ever.. ...... ...

 heading out for my first job in my 20 years living as a human being on Earth. this feeling feels like the first day of school..if only i can work in just tee and berms..formal attire kinda sucks -.- ..hope that its gonna be a good day! i know it will be. haha


Do you feel cold and lost in desperation
you build up hope, but failure's all you've known
remember all the sadness and frustration
and let it go.
Let it go.

没有你,世界依旧转动 ~

hey im back! feeling damn good now and feel like writing lj! haha..

weekdays have been quite crappy this week..luckily fri night and today saved me from all those crap! hah!

dont really wanna explain all the crap here though..hmm..

spanish lessons finally ended! 5 weeks passed damn fast! and im really considering whether to take up stage 2 or not..or....learn something new instead? fickle-minded leh :(

Today was one of the best Saturdays i had this year i guess! had steamboat at Joleen's house tgt with the rest. damn long never meet up with all of them already i guess. and it has been ages since i visited Joleen's house! used to go there when i was still learning piano as a beginner..and i think after playing just now, i think im worse than the previous time when i was at her house. lmao..damn phail man..haiz.

anyway after the steamboat, we went to chill at a garden nearby her house and played some camp games which i havent play them for years i guess! they do bring back lots of memories..being one of the oldests there, i think they are now the only people in my social circle who would be entertained by those camp games. haha..
cant express further on how much i enjoyed myself tonight man. right company doing the right thing!
hmm..have been trying to play the guitar during the past few days but my interest sort of died off after the 4th day playing it. lmao..super duper phail. haiz. i really hope my interest for piano will stay till the day my piano breaks down. haha
and to all the crap that i had during the past week, i think i have really thought through all of them. sometimes its really better to just accept them no matter how much they suck to you..the worse they make you feel, the more you should avoid getting closer to them i guess. afterall, they are not the only friends you have in life! so why suffer??!! who cares how close you guys were in the past? if the friendship still values between the two of you, you shouldnt be feeling this way! right right? just take whatever comes and move on! 
just a message to those who crapped my week : you just have to learn not take things for granted! and please put yourself in other people's shoes before you act..not after. dont put words into someone else' mouth and mind your own business! dont treat your friends like trash; forget about them and only ask them to stand by you when you're down. its all about choices, choices and choices. i hope that you would make the right ones! be wise!
haha..its up to you whether to take whatever i said or not uh. my livejournal, my opinion in life!