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Jan. 26th, 2012

10th feb is coming..should i get a set of bose speakers or a TV in my room?

Jan. 10th, 2012

total how im feeling now.

Jan. 8th, 2012

NOPE! im still alive! be back sometime this week!

愛的禮物 鳳飛飛

damn nice T.T ..


been on my mind for 2 weeks alr T.T ..

eating(in the wrong way) is a sin.

hi, im still feeling so fucking full from what i had for brunch.

i had a bowl of beef noodles, 6 dumplings, 2 egg tarts, 1 lotus paste bun and 3 slices of honeydew at around 2.30pm.

then after 2 hours, i had 2 charsiew sou and another lotus paste bun.

ULTIMATE INDIGESTION PLEASE. im still too full for my dinner! damn it! how am i gonna sleep later? grrrrrrr.....

third day in bkk!

damn tired eh..write next time ba..

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Second day in BKK!

Feeling damn dipsy now! Am struggling to write this post on my bed while jomo is snoring away and jing's bathing..back from a pub with live band! Shiokness!

Had the breakfast provided by the hotel this morning..was rather disappointing i guess..but still, not that bad uh..hmm..went over to shop at platinum mall after that which was only walking distance away. Bought lots of tees! And the leather bag there are freaking cheap because they are kinda like a wholesale thingy...30 sing for 2 small and 2 big leather bags! Amazing!

Headed for lunch at a food court at some shopping mall opposite platinum mall..had beef kway teow! It's only S$2.50 and it's beef! Amazing!!!!!!! Haha..I bet u would at least to pay 6 and above for that in sg..

Headed to pratunum market after that..wasnt what I expected but good experience :)

Went back to hotel to dump our stuff before heading out to Siam paragon to meet my Thai friends! Took their BTM and it was a good experience although it's only 1 stop! And it was during peak hour..the crowd isn't as bad as sg..not sure how accurate this exp is but still better than the crowd in sg I guess..

Walked around Siam paragon before meeting Thai friends at Starbucks! And there are 3 starbucks in Siam paragon at 3 different floors. Haha..Thai ppl loves Starbucks uh? Hmm..honestly, i was kinda nervous meeting Auey and friends because it's only my 2nd time meeting them! But I got comfortable after that :) went over to this wonderful place for dinner! Had it along the biggest river in Thailand with the bridge named after the 8th king of Thailand! Forgot the name though..hah. And the best thing is that it has a live band too! Fantastic!!!!! Thank you Joob for reserving the place for us and that made her waited for 2 hours for us because of the traffic jam!

Had Tom yum kok, curry crab, papaya salad and etc for dinner! Love the Tom yum soup! And joob's bf Pete treated us for dinner although it's his first time meeting us! Thank you so much Pete is you're reading this :)

Heading to khao shan road after that! It's the clubbing and pub area. Wanted to head into brick bar but some of us weren't 20 yet and so failed T.T ..went to 999 west indeed! Live band and dj! Haha..opened 2 bots of thailand whiskey..treated them in return! :)

Headed back to hotel after that and here I'm writing my post..jomo got kinda drunk! will never drink to something beyond my limit ever since wed at zouk. Haha. Experience!

Gonna head to grand palace tmr and other museums! Can't wait! And thank you Auey for the souvenir!

Good night!

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First day in BKK!

First day's finally over! Am lying on my bed now in the hotel alone with my itouch playing and typing this. Not really a tiring day but did lots of walking.

Took a limo (van -.-) from airport to our hotel for 1200 baht! Damn ex! And the driver still asked for tips siol..zzz..

Checked into hotel..indeed budget. Haha! But not bad luh..quite safe..hmm..got to know one of jomo's Thai friend and her friend..brought us over to shop and have lunch at MBK!

First meal was Pat Thai! didn't buy anything from MBK..just doesn't suit me uh.

Went over to Chinatown after that! Omg I love that place! Damn old school ah..it was around dinner time when i reached that place and I can see families closing their stall for the day and having their dinner together on the same table inside their shops..damn 怀旧! Can't find this kind of stuff in sg anymore..having a meal on the same table tgt with yr family members seem kinda impossible these days in sg huh..oh well...just had lots of thoughts when I saw that..

Had kway chap for dinner! Damn nice! Love it alot man..but wasn't really filling :( good enough thou! Hmm..sort of dropped by their cinema at one of the shops in chinatown. Damn rundown and old school..dropped because I wanted to borrow its toilet and it's at the 2nd floor of the kway chap stall. Amazing uh..kway chap at 1st floor and cinema on the 2nd floor. lol..

Went over to night market after that! No idea where it is..hmm..clothes are damn cheap! 150 baht for a tee and that's like 6 sg dollars? (Y)

Oh and I saw lots of heterosexuals today. At least 7. I think it's something that I have to get used to in BKK uh..and it's amazing how successfully they have achieved. Haha.. :X

Looking forward to meet my Thai friends tmr! Never meet them for at least half a year alr. And glad that we are still in touch! Night peeps! :)

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